Are you a Job-seeker?

As a job-seeker, you would be worried about standing out from the other applicants. You might also feel that your skills require some added weightage to support your capabilities. With the help of CheckMySkills, even the smallest of skills can be tested so as to ease the selection process and assure your career advancements.

If you’re a job seeker, here’s why you should choose this platform!


Valuable asset

An upgraded resume with a number of certified skills serves as a valuable asset to your accomplishments that will help you ace your career graph!

Test your skills

Choose from a wide range of tests of some of the most demanded skills in the industry. You will be able to understand where your capabilities lie, set clear goals, measure your progress and work towards improvement.

Get certified

You can get certified for a number of skills on this platform. Earn one or more certifications and get recognized by top corporations!

Determining factor

Whilst all of us possess micro-skills that might seem irrelevant, very often, it is a determining factor for a job recruitment process.

Upgrade your skillset

Taking tests will help upgrade your skillset which can instantly increase your interview calls and accelerate your salary by certifying your skills here.